How Sasha Velour SLAYED…for once.


No, no, I’m not gonna sass the winning queen from Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Well, maybe just a little? Okay, hear me out people.

Just yesterday it was announced to the world by the one and only Grand Dame of Drag, RuPaul (Sorry Charlie Hides, that ain’t you just yet dear), that Sasha Velour is the Next Drag Superstar as the winner of Drag Race Season 9. Throughout the season, her journey has been…rather a progression, I must say. She started out very strong, with that GaGa’s Applause look, and that was very much awesome.

But compared to Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor, Shea CouleĆ©, heck even Peppermint, those three gave us more GAG-worthy moments on that mainstage. Can we talk about Trinity’s Club Kid look?

Or Shea’s FLAWLESS performance as a secret spy agent in “Teets & Asky”?

What about this SICKENINGLY SWEET Peppermint as…peppermint?

I mean yes, Sasha has given us some killer looks on the mainstage. I, in particular, am a huge fan of her Clown Couture for Club Kid challenge, but compared to Trinity and Peppermint and Shea? It’s just not pushed there quite much.

Mime-Clown Couture Extravaganza Eleganza…after the Venereal Disease, Twisted Royalty, and Demonic Sweets. ( )

Well, then, how on earth did Sasha Velour snatched everybody’s edges by snatching the crown? One word, props. And damn good ones.

Those rose petals is simply LEGENDARY, even more so than the skull cracking, and it’s definitely inducted into my own personal lipsyncs hall of fame from Drag Race.

I do want to note that on the rose petals realness, Shea didn’t really pull out all the stops, which was surprising. This is the queen that hot glued stuffs onto her face during that Club Kid Couture challenge, and that screamed commitment. I don’t think Shea was committed to the lipsync (Whitney Hosuton’s “So Emotional“). Sasha just brought out all of it: the face, the gloves, the rose petals, the EMOTIONS. Overnight, she beat the queens of performance (Trinity, Shea, and Peppermint) to rule over the Dragland.

The finale was definitely a tittytwister, and a much-needed gag-worthy moment that the whole Season 9 lacked.

Prance, my queen. Show us all the fantasy.